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Peak is a heartwarming and adventurous novel by Roland Smith, the first book in the Peak Marcello Adventure series. The story follows the journey of Peak, a young boy with a unique talent for climbing. When he is caught trespassing and climbing a skyscraper, he is sent to live with his estranged father, a famous mountaineer.
Peak struggles to adapt to his new life in Kathmandu, Nepal, and to connect with his distant father. However, his passion for climbing draws him closer to his father as they embark on a challenging expedition to Mount Everest. Along the way, Peak faces not only the physical demands of climbing but also the emotional challenges of his new family and the harsh realities of life in the mountains.
Peak is a story of perseverance, self-discovery, and the power of family. Peak’s journey teaches him about the importance of setting goals, believing in himself, and overcoming obstacles. The novel is also a celebration of the beauty and challenges of the natural world, and it provides a glimpse into the culture and traditions of Nepal.
ISBN No.: 9780152062682
Category: Children And Young Adult Books
Year Published: 2008
Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 11.43 x 1.68 x 17.78 cm
Weight: ‎ 5.6 ounces
Author: Roland Smith

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